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Excess Waiver Deductible / Franquia

The hirer is responsible up to a predetermined amount for the first x dollars of damage to the insurance for damage to the vehicle which may include windscreen, glass tire or wheel damage and keys locks. This is the only liability in the event of an accident.

With CDW, the driver is responsible for a deductible of:

Group B, C, D, D1 € 960.00
Group E, E1, F, F1, N  € 1590.00
Group G, N1 € 1920.00
Group H, K, I € 2500.00

Super CDW

To avoid above excess / deductible / franquia feel free to buy the Super CDW below:

Group B and C € 10.50 per day
Group D, D1, E, E1, F, F1, N  € 11.50 per day
Group E, G, N1 € 12.50 per day
Group H, K, I € 20.00 per day

Super CDW waives all deductible and client responsible only up to € 70.00.

Drivers Policy

Minimum age is 23 years old, plus 1-year driver experience, a credit card, passport, and driver's license.

Delivery / Collections Policy

Inside city limits: € 15.00

Outside city limits until 20kms: € 25.00

Outside city limits more than 20kms: € 40.00


The vehicle should be returned in same cleaning conditions as it was rented. Otherwise, the cleaning of the vehicle will be charged according to the prices below.

Simple Cleaning: € 8.50