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Excess / Waiver / Deductible / Franquia

The hirer is responsible up to a predetermined amount for the first x dollars of damage to the insurance for damage to the vehicle which may include windscreen, glass tire or wheel damage and keys locks. This is the only liability in the event of an accident.

With CDW, the driver is responsible for a deductible of:

Group A, B € 1200.00
Group C € 1300.00
Group D, F, R € 1500.00
Group I, P  € 1600.00
Group E,J , L, S          € 1900.00
Group Q, T, U, U1 € 2100.00

Group G, H, K, V, W

€ 3900.00

Group H1, K1, N1

€ 4200.00

Super CDW

To avoid the above excess / waiver / deductible / franquia, feel free to buy the Super CDW below:

Super CDW costs per day:

Group A B € 19.70 per day
Group C € 20.40 per day
Group C € 20.40 per day
Group D, F, R                     € 21.90 per day
Group E, J,  L, S  € 23.00 per day
Group I, P  € 22.40 per day

Group H1,K1

€ 31.00  per day

Group Q,T,U,U1 € 25.00 per day 
Group G,H,K,V,W    € 30.00 per day 

Cover for glasses, headlights and tires

This is a new insurance(as it is not cobered on SUPER CDW  that is available after january 2019 and costs:

Group A, B € 10.00 per day
Group C € 11.00 per day
Groups D, F, R € 12.60 per day
Groups I, P € 13.00 per day
Group E, J, L, S € 15.00 per day
Group Q, T, U, U1 € 16.60 per day
Group G, H, K, V, W € 18.10 per day
Group H1, K1 € 19.90 per day
Group N1 N/A

Drivers Policy

Minimum age is 23 years old + 1-year driver experience, plus a credit card + passport + driver's license. Drivers from 18 to 22 are acepted as liong as they pay YOUNG DRIVER FEE

Security Deposit & Payment Policy

Prices of extras fees may me be changed at any time without notice. cars cannot go in to other Islands