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Rates included public liability and property damage, fire and theft of the car (luggage is not included or any items inside the vehicle). Theft of your personal property left in a hire vehicle is not covered by your vehicle insurance.

Insurance Excess Amount (Deductible)

The hirer is responsible up to a predetermined amount for the first x Euros of damage to the insurance for damage to the vehicle which may include windscreen, glass, tire or wheel damage and keys locks. This is the only liability in the event of an accident.

If client doesn’t buy the Super CDW will be responsible up to:

Group A, B, Y, S € 1300.00
Group X, N € 1700.00
Group C, D € 2100.00
Group I, J, M, T € 2500.00
Group G, Q, P, W, E € 3100.00
Group K € 3500.00
Group L € 4500.00
Group F € 5000.00

Super CDW

Super CDW is only available on at least 3 days rentals and with drivers over 25 to 65 years old.

Super CDW to avoid excess costs:

Group A, B, X, Y, S € 17.50 per day
Group C, D, N, W  € 19.00 per day
Group I, J, M, T, E, P   € 21.00 per day
Group G, Q € 25.00 per day
Group F € 30.00 per day

P.A.I (Personal Accident Insurance)

PAI is insurance which covers the lives of the driver and the occupants of the hired vehicle. Costs € 6.00 per day.


Note that Hertz now charges a administrative fee of € 70.00 in case the client / renter has a loss / an accident.

Security Deposit & Payment Policy

A deposit will be required in a form of a credit card like Visa / MasterCard / Amex. No debit cards / Electron cards are accepted for security deposit.

Again: Debit cards are only accepted for payment and will NOT be accepted for the security deposit. A major credit card is a MUST for the security deposit.

Cash rentals are not possible.

The mentioned values on this sheet are subject to the legal tax 23% (VAT) and can be changed without further notice.

Important: A credit card fee of € 4.00 + VAT will be applied for transactions with credit card as method of payment.

Hertz's maximum liability to its customers shall not exceed the value of the car rental price paid by the customer.

You will also be asked to leave a security deposit for a full tank of fuel as all cars come full of gasoline or diesel depending of the car type.

Drivers Policy

Additional drivers: Second driver is FREE - after that will be € 6.00 per day up to a maximum of € 60.00. All drivers must be present at time of delivery.

General requirements: Drivers must have a valid driver's license, passport and a major credit card in their name. Luxury cars (Group F) MUST have two credit cards (1 GOLD) for security reasons.

Age requirements: The minimum rental age is 21 years of age. No maximum age restrictions apply. All drivers have to be at least 21 years old (1-year driving experience) to drive cars in Economy groups. Compact / Intermediates cars needs to be 25 years old. 9 and 7 passengers cars required to be 25 years old. Luxury cars (Group F) must be over 30 years old.

Under age / young drivers: Must pay a fee of € 8.26 per day up to a max. of € 82.60 per rental

Minimum Rental

Cars must be booked at least 3 days in advance minimum.

Fuel Policy

Car must be returned full or they will charge € 16.00 penalty + missing fuel.


Our cars are new and in tip top condition. Our fleet is changed twice a year with 24-hour road assistance. Automatic cars and vans are generally rented less frequently than passenger cars and may be slightly older for this reason.

We have one of the widest selection of cars of any car rental fleet in Portugal with offices at main Portuguese airports (Lisbon, Porto, Faro and Funchal) plus 45 locations through the country. Our service is on time, friendly, and hassle free. Cars are available inside the arrival halls at all 4 Portuguese airports.

GPS Policy

GPS cannot be guaranteed and may be charge a fee if returned in a different location.


Road taxes are the vehicle license fees which are FREE. Do not get confused with road tolls: if you pass thru road tolls you must pay tolls.

Clients are responsible for tolls and fines. Hertz charges an administrative fee of € 25.00 per fine.

Delivery / Collections Policy

Hotel deliveries costs € 25.00 within cities where Hertz has offices.

One-Way Rentals Policy

Free one-ways within Portugal for rentals 3 days or more. Otherwise, Hertz charges € 80.00.

Out of Hours Fees

After-hours late arrival / returns fee is € 35.00.

Cross Border Policy

Travel to any country outside western Europe must be requested in advance and it costs now 16 Euros per rental

Travel to Spain and Western European Countries are OK but must tell us if that’s the case.


Car must be returned in same conditions as was delivered to client or Hertz will charge a cleaning fee.