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Full Terms and Conditions

Please click here to read Drive on Holidays' full terms and conditions in PDF format.


"Franquia", "deductible", or "excess" is the amount that will be blocked on your credit card. You may buy Super CDW to avoid this.

All vehicles have CDW and Theft Insurance automatically included in our rates. Additional Insurances can be viewed against the specific vehicles.

RCDW (Excess Reduction)

If the client wants to reduce the excess to € 300. The excess reduction is only valid in case of collision or in case of theft. 

SCDW (Excess Cover)

If the client doesn’t want to pay the excess.

TRC (Total Relax Coverage)

Same conditions as Excess Cover (SCDW) with CDW / THW No Excess plus coverage to car locks, windows, mirrors, scratches and dents.

Vandalism Insurance

In case you do not want to be held responsible for any damage caused by vandalism, you can choose this extra insurance.

Short Rental Option

This option is only possible for 1 to 3 days rentals, with a mandatory excess of € 300, in case of collision or in case of theft. It covers car locks, windows, mirrors, scratches and dents. Available for all groups except GP; HG; S; HI; HL; T; HT; U; HC; HN; HM and HX.


A damage report must be completed by the driver for any damage to the vehicle, however minor it is. If a collision occurs, a police report and case number must also be provided.

Clients must contact the car rental supplier in the event of any damage. If this procedure is not followed, the insurance cover could be invalidated, leaving the customer liable for all damages.

The car rental company is not obligated to replace a flat tire.

The insurance is not valid if the driver is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substance affecting his perception or reaction, breach of traffic regulations, participation in any race, rally, trial or other type of competition, negligent driving, driving in unmade or unsuitable roads, opposite sides of the road.

The insurance exceptions below will be charged directly to the client at the rental desk: aerial, loss or damage of keys, windshield wipers, wheels / hubcap, tires, car interior, car jack, gas cap, warning triangles, damages to the roof, extreme dirtiness in the car, underside damage, personal belongings left in the rented car, misfuelling, damage to additional equipment provided with the vehicle (GPS, child seats, etc.), loss of car documents, loss or destruction of registration plate.

Payment Policy

Cash rentals are not possible and debit cards are accepted only for payment. For security, a major credit card will also be asked on arrival. Debit cards are accepted only for payment, NOT for security deposits. American Express cards are not accepted.

There is no refund for early returns. No refunds also if client does not get the car on arrival for any other reason and booking is confirmed. If you change your booking or add extra days after the rental starts DRIVE will charge their daily rate. 

The fee paid online cannot be deducted again on arrival.

Drivers Policy

Additional driver: Charge is € 15.00 + VAT per rental.

General requirements: Drivers must present their full, valid driver's license held for at least 1 full year(s) with no major endorsements.

Age requirements: Minimum rental age is 21 years. Maximum rental age is 75 years.

Young driver restriction: For drivers between the ages 21-23 there will be a surcharge of € 5.00 per day. For drivers between the ages 19-20 there will be a surcharge of € 7.50 per day.

Included Extras

Airport location fee: Included.

Optional Extras

Infant seat: Upon request. We charge € 7.50 per day up to € 90.00 + VAT.

Baby seat: Upon request. We charge € 6.50 per day up to € 78.00 + VAT.

Child seat: Upon request. We charge € 6.50 per day to € 78.00 + VAT.

Booster seat: Upon request. We charge € 5.00 per day up to € 60.00 + VAT.

GPS Policy

GPS upon request. We charge € 10.00 per day up to € 100.00 + VAT included.


All our vehicles are equipped with an electronic toll device "Via Verde". The client need to fill out and sign the appropriate form and present a valid credit card at rental time. The value of the tolls will be debit to your customers credit card until 30 days after the end of the rental without additional costs. The benefits of this service "Toll Management", for your client are very simple and clear: Facilitates compliance with Portuguese law; avoiding fines and additional administrative cost; avoids stopping and waiting in queues at pay toll booths. On arrival, the customer will sign specific terms and conditions for it with the car hire contract. Ask at local rental desk for full details. Also note that some tolls charges may arrive days after you return the car.

The service costs € 1.50 per day + VAT, charged up to a maximum of 10 days per rental (max € 15.00 + VAT), plus tolls.

Traffic Administration Fee

Please, note that if the customers reject the "Electronic Toll Service", and if the customers use any of the motorways under this scheme, Drive on Holidays is legally bound by Portuguese law to identify the customers so the authorities entitled can proceed with payment claims. This identification process is a lengthy and manual procedure and Drive on Holidays will charge the customers an administrative fee of € 30.00 per fine.

Fuel Policy

Collect with 1/4 Tank Return Same. Vehicle must be returned as stated, otherwise a refueling fee of € 25.00 plus missing fuel will be charged upon return at the location. There is no fuel refund if you leave more than what was given on arrival.

Road Side Assistance

24/7 breakdown cover is included in the rates. Dependent on the circumstances, Drive On Holidays reserves the right not to provide a replacement vehicle.

One-Way Rentals Policy

Charge for one-way rentals between Lisbon - Porto - Lisbon: € 100.00 + VAT fee to apply

Charge for one-way rentals between Lisbon - Faro - Lisbon: € 100.00 + VAT fee to apply

Charge for one-way rentals between Faro - Porto - Faro: € 150.00 + VAT fee to apply

Out of Hours

We will apply a fee, an additional charge of € 30.00 per service to all arrivals or departure between 20 p.m. and 8 a.m.

Cross Border Policy

We only allow cross border to Spain, but with previous information. We charge € 43.05 (VAT included) per rental. You cannot enter any other countries besides Spain and with permission only from Drive On Holidays.

Cleaning Policy

We reserve the right to charge the cleaning of the car when is returned extremely dirty. Cost is € 50.00 per service to the maximum of € 150.00.

Other Terms and Conditions

Parking fines and penalties: The costumer is responsible for the cost of any parking fines and other penalties incurred whilst the vehicle is contracted.

Lost keys: Drive On Holidays will charge if key(s) are lost or badly damaged. Note if vehicle is stolen and keys are not returned to rental supplier, the insurance is deemed void. Please keep an eye on your key(s) as new cars can now not be stolen without them. We strongly recommend that you take all rental tags off key(s) and place in the glove box until your return so as not to direct thieves to the exact details of your vehicle. Where we state key(s), we mean all types of key and key-cards.